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Competition Nymph Fly Rod 10.5' 4wt

Competition Nymph Fly Rod 10.5' 4wt
Competition Nymph Fly Rod 10.5' 4wtCompetition Nymph Fly Rod 10.5' 4wtCompetition Nymph Fly Rod 10.5' 4wt

Cortland Competition Nymph Fly Rod 10.5' 4wt

The Competition Nymph rod lineup are 4 piece rods, offered in five different configurations: 0'6'' 4wt.  Although these rods are versatile tools, the primary design focus is precise European Style nymphing.  The rods feature a matte black finish that helps the rods dampen extra vibration quickly, so your rod tip doesn't throw extra shock waves down your presentation after each cast.
The rods are balanced with the weight toward the back end, so your wrist will do less work to hold the rod at a fishing angle.  The crisp action blanks have a dull matte finish, with slightly oversize matte black single foot guides for easy leader knot transfers and a serious stealth factor.  The handles have a thin, elongated taper heading toward the blank that allows an angler to touch a finger against the blank for added feel.  All sizes have a fighting butt with a hard cork bottom layer that helps to counterbalance and also serves as a great resting spot to bury a hook point, although the rod has a matte black hook-keeper as well.
We recommend pairing one of these new rods with our 120gn mono core Competition Nymph Lines, giving you the ultimate combination for precise European Style nymphing.

Loon Outdoors Grafitolin Ferrule Wax

Loon Outdoors Grafitolin Ferrule Wax


Helps minimizes the chance of breakage through regular lubrication, allowing a rod to assemble easily while keeping the attachments strong.


  • Lubricates ferrules to minimize breakage
  • Makes rod assembly easier
  • Helps ferrules stay together without sticking

Directions for use

Apply desired amount to fingers. Apply a thin coat to male ferrule. Assemble your rod, twisting the ferrules together.


1/4oz Container

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