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Loon Outdoors Neckvest Lanyard

Loon Outdoors Neckvest Loaded
Loon Outdoors Neckvest Lanyard


The Neckvest Lanyard is more versatile and sturdier than ever. New features include the light and durable paracord construction and five Nite-Ize S-carabiner attachments, which offer secure storage and maximum convenience. Also included are a Hot Box fly box, Bottoms Up floatant holder, Rogue Nippers with comfy grip, a horizontal post for storing tippet, a padded/adjustable next strap and quick release.


  • Adjustable length
  • Comfortable foam neck piece
  • 5 interchangeable detachable clips
  • Includes: Tippet Holder, Hot Box, Nippers, Bottoms up

Directions for use

Use barrel lock to loosen/tighten to desired size and fasten securing clip to shirt.

To add tippet to Tippet Holder: unclip the Tippet Holder from one of the S-biners securing the Tippet Holder, as well as one of the washers. Add tippet spools to the Tippet Holder, then return washers. Clip the Tippet Holder back in place


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