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Loon Kits

Loon Outdoors Essential Kit

Loon Out Doors Essential Kit


Everything an angler needs to outfit a new pack or vest with top quality tools! Includes a zinger, nippers, and mitten clamps.


  • Zinger
  • Nippers (with Comfy Grip)
  • Standard Comfy Forceps 


Loon Up & Down Kit

Loon Up And Down Kit


Includes Henry’s Sinket and Aquel.


  • Premium dry fly gel floatant
  • Won't leave oil slick
  • Temperature stable
  • Liquid Sinking Agent
  • Helps Nymphs roll more naturally on bottom

Directions for use

Aquel: Prior to first cast, apply desired amount to fly. Henry's Sinket: Apply desired amount and work into fly


Loon Outdoors Bench Kit

Loon Outdoors Bench Kit


Includes High Tack Swax, Low Tack Swax, Hard Head Clear, Hard Head Black, and Water Based Head Cement System.


  • A great kit for fly tying


Loon Outdoors Line Up Kit

Loon Outdoors Line Up Kit


Includes Line Speed and Line Cleaning Tool.


  • Simple line cleaning kit


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